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Kaley Roshitsh

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EXCLUSIVE: What Goes Around Comes Around Premieres ‘Lagerfeld Retrospective,’ Helena Christensen Campaign, Amazon Drop

New York vintage retailer What Goes Around Comes Around reveals its "Lagerfeld Retrospective" in theme with…

Hugo Boss Signs Pakistan Accord, Fashion Revolution Reflects on Rana Plaza

The Rana Plaza disaster marked its 10-year anniversary earlier this week.

REI Pledges to Be Zero Waste by 2025, Touts 2022 Impact Report

REI's latest impact report highlights how zero waste, community impact and DEI efforts stacked up in 2022.

Four Game-changer Technology Solutions to Level Up Retail, Fashion Climate and Biodiversity Reporting

Data is everything. Tech solutions to aid fashion climate reporting, biodiversity gains, reforestation…

Protesters Crash Sustainable Fashion Forum, but Earth Day Momentum Sustained

Though protesters disrupted Sustainable Fashion Forum 2023, the event saw numerous learnings. Also for Earth…

EXCLUSIVE: Everlane Reports Emissions Reductions Progress, B Corp Bound

Everlane's director of sustainability Katina Boutis talks climate progress, B Corp status and past…

‘Mawejje Creations’ Puts Banana Plants, Uganda Into Innovative Fiber Scene

In a special Earth Month series, each week WWD will profile the Gen Z talents seeking to demystify climate…

Photonic Labeling Stokes Demand in Fashion

The fashion and textile recycling industries could benefit from photonic labeling. But what is it?

Inside Retail’s Plastic Bag Problem — and Efforts to Curb It

Retailers are making sustainability efforts, but many still require items to be shipped in individual plastic…

Lizzo’s New Tour Partner; A Book on Designer Ballet Costumes

Lizzo has partnered with Cetaphil, and Rizzoli has a new book out on the New York City Ballet by Marc Happel.

EXCLUSIVE: A Look at Koio’s Biodegradable Sneaker

The Mello sneaker claims to be 99 percent biodegradable in a compost environment.

Sustainable Shampoo Bars, Organic Face Serum, Eco-friendly Toys Lead in Alibaba Searches

The company vets its products and suppliers per a number of recognized certifications.

Harlem’s Fashion Row Returns With Second Annual Sustainability Conference With H&M, Google

The event held at Google HQ spotlighted the importance of environmental stewardship and diversity in the…

Inside Zara, Lululemon Drops for Earth Month, Circular Fashion Policy News: Short Takes

Zara, Lululemon muse plant-based inspirations while fashion coalition makes a stamp.

Green People: ‘Center the Human Impact,’ Says Activist, Influencer Aditi Mayer

In a special Earth Month series, each week WWD will profile the Gen Zers who are seeking to demystify climate…