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Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond Takes on Clinical Skin Care

Called Metacine, the brand is bowing direct-to-consumer with two products.

Clinical skin care has a new, celebrity-favorite contender.

Dr. Jason B. Diamond, a celebrity plastic surgeon, is gearing up to launch a skin care brand next month, called Dr. Diamond’s Metacine (pronounced “medicine”), aimed at replicating his most popular procedures in his Los Angeles practice. It will debut direct-to-consumer with the InstaFacial collection, which is composed of two products meant to mimic Diamond’s treatment of the same name. Prices range from $200 to $350.

The Diamond InstaFacial combines Clear+Brilliant laser with microneedling and platelet-rich plasma, and is the most popular treatment in Diamond’s practice. “It’s something I became known for probably 10 or 12 years ago,” he said. “Skin has always been a big focus of mine, it’s always something I knew was important. Plastic surgeons don’t often talk about skin but I always knew the importance of it, and we developed the InstaFacial based on my interest in safely and quickly rejuvenating the skin.”

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The first product is called InstaFacial Plasma, a serum with bio-identical growth factors and several peptides, and is the commercial equivalent to platelet-rich plasma. The InstaFacial Emulsion is a night cream with a retinoid, a handful of peptides and a hyaluronic acid complex. “I wanted to open my practice up to people who couldn’t make it to see me, and we wanted it to feel like you could walk out of my office even if you lived in a different country,” Diamond said.

The idea, born out of the treatment, was to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms, which is the same way that lasers and microneedling stimulate skin repair. “I’m very interested in bioregenerative treatments,” Diamond said. “It’s the future of medicine, and not just this field — in many fields.”

Ninety-one percent of subjects in a clinical study reported “smoother and more refined skin” after four weeks of use.

Diamond cofounded the brand with his wife, Dr. Jessica Combs, and Tammy Goodarzi, who also serves as chief brand officer. He hired Mark Ferdman, an Estée Lauder Cos. alumnus, to lead the brand as president. It took him nearly six years to develop the products.

“We’re looking at a lot of different possibilities for our innovation roadmap,” Ferdman said of upcoming launches. “But it’s going to be something highly effective and special. I don’t expect that you’re going to see a cleanser coming out from us anytime in the near future, but there are a few things in the works.”

He added that the brand isn’t focused on proliferation, from a product point of view. “This is a privately funded, high quality brand that we’re building, and there’s no type of investment group that’s looking for us to launch quickly,” he said. “We’re very, very deliberate and take time to make sure things are perfect before they go to market.”

Goodarzi also sees room for more treatment-inspired products. “We have a lot of marquee procedures at the institute, such as Diamond Facial Sculpting,” she said. “The scale of the brand and the product line, in a few years, will be representative of all those signature techniques.”

Industry sources think the brand will reach between $3 million and $5 million in its first year on the market. The brand didn’t comment on the figures, but does have a robust marketing plan around the launch, including Diamond’s own social media prowess. At press time, Diamond’s following on Instagram alone exceeded 350,000.

“Dr. Diamond has a very engaged and impressive following on Instagram, not just in terms of raw numbers, but also the people that are following him are some of the biggest influencers in the world,” Ferdman said. “We’re going to be doing organic work with them, everybody’s going to be getting introduced to the product, and letting his network get the word out early.”